Raffles Academy

What Our Subject is About

The Raffles Academy (RA) provides talent development opportunities for highly-able students who demonstrate an aptitude for and interest in the advanced study of mathematics and sciences.  We aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills for the study of mathematics and the sciences at the highest levels, and to develop the dispositions and habits of mind that will prepare students for the rigorous and scholarly pursuit of an academic discipline.  Our excellent teachers work to inspire a profound appreciation for the discipline and to create a stimulating learning environment that will engender innovation, creativity and excellence.  Most importantly, we hope to Inculcate in students values of social responsibility leading to a meaningful and ethical engagement with the community.


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

Students can offer up to a maximum of two RA subjects, which will take the place of H2 A level lessons.  While RA lessons are anchored in the Cambridge ‘A’ level H2 syllabus, they are differentiated to meet needs of the highly-able through the compacting and acceleration of instruction, and the deepening and broadening the study of A-level topics.  Our students are exceptional scholars with an acute personal interest in their disciplines, able to learn independently and eager to participate actively in group discussions and activities. 

The RA also provides a myriad of enrichment opportunities such as Olympiad training, research projects, field visits and others.

Some keynote programmes in RA Biology include the Bacteria Genetics and Molecular Biology workshops, as well as the opportunity to perform more complex experiments in the Raffles Science Institute laboratories, such as DNA barcoding and the induction of lac operon.  Students will be required to select and present on topics of their choice in order to push the boundaries and explore the future relevance of concepts and issues introduced in the classroom.   

Students in RA Chemistry will participate in a regular literature review of relevant and up-to-date real-world research and discoveries, as an extension of concepts covered in the classroom.  Throughout the year, students will have the opportunity to perform advanced, university-level experiments and will be asked to design their own short-term research projects based in our in-house RSI laboratories.  Teachers also arrange regular field trips and seminars, as well as inviting prominent experts, to ensure students understand Chemistry in the real world context.

The teaching in RA Mathematics aims to smoothen the transition between H2 A level and undergraduate level study, and is perfect for students who are strong in the discipline but still wish to offer other Science subjects.  Students explore a broader range of applications in mathematics and a stronger connection between topics beyond the H2 syllabus.  Students enjoy attempting challenging questions and understanding the definitions, methods of proof, and logic concepts that underlie the advanced study of mathematics. 

RA Physics lessons offer an in-depth and complex coverage of physics, encompassing both H2 and university-level concepts with the opportunity to extend and explore every H2 topic to a deeper level.  Students will also be prepared for the Physics Olympiads, as well as covering concepts in the ground-breaking field of Special Relativity. 


What Our Students Say

“RA Chemistry allowed me to go deeper into the concepts learnt in H2 Chemistry, going beyond the simplified versions presented in H2, as well as encouraging independent exploration in Chemistry. It also helped build a strong foundation for both H3 Chemistry in Y6 and future personal exploration into Chemistry. Overall, RA Chemistry was an enriching experience for me in JC.” 
- Ethan Goh, 20S06G


“Chem RA was extremely challenging. It provided me competition and resources in great excess. While much of the curriculum may be difficult for someone without extensive background in Chemistry, it is definitely more interesting than the H2 syllabus.” 
- Lex Tan, 20S06G