Raffles Global Studies Programme

What Our Subject is About

Global Studies Programme 2022: The Neo-Generalist


Each of us possesses the potential to both specialise and generalise. What we want to encourage is a multi-disciplinary thinking that uses different models. The 2024 programme will explore the transdisciplinary interface between the arts, the natural world, science, technology, humanity, and social impact through the lens of space. We also want participants to be able to see conflicts, complements, and connections between seemingly disparate entities, schools of thought, etc.

GSP 2024 will focus on developing our students into the Renaissance Person or the Neo-Generalist, someone who can talk a little about everything. Hence, we have started a “How to Talk About” series that will cover a range of interdisciplinary topics including modern manners, film criticism, literature, culture wars, environmental activism, urban planning, race, religion, international relations and conflict, and comics.

Ultimately, we want our students to gain an understanding of these topics in relation to themselves and the larger society and explore what it means to build a just city, not just a global competitive city.


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities


This programme is aimed at developing students who:

- take an active interest in understanding events and happenings in the world around them;
- are critically aware of the interconnectedness, continuity, and transformation of the human experience;
- appreciate the inter-relationship of ideas across disciplines;
- are keenly aware of their status as a privileged member of society and who are thus motivated to be an effective global citizen to make a difference. 

We will be inviting experts and practitioners from various fields, including a few of our RI teachers, to share their knowledge with the group. Past speakers have included:

Mr Bilahari Kausikan, former diplomat (International Relations)

Mr Han Fook Kwang, Senior Fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies and Editor-At-Large with The Straits Times

Ms Magdaline Yeo, Aedas Pte Ltd (Architecture)

Mr Abhay Bhosale, Refugee Services of Texas

Mr Laurence Liew, Director AI Innovation Singapore

Mr Adrian Khong, Founder of Jewel Coffee

Dr Koh Choon Hwee, Mid-East Institute (Media and Conflict)

Dr Chew Yi Wei (Film Criticism)

Dr Vilma D'Rozario (Environment and Urban issues)

Ms Desiree Leong, HOME and Ms Debbie Fordyce, TWC2 (Migrant workers and their rights)

Ms Evangeline Neo, EvaComics (Comics)

Mr Lewis Liu and Ms Chen Liyi (Race and discourse in SG)

Ms Ng Mei Sze, RI/DP (History)

Mr James Koh, Master Teacher Y1-4 (Literature and SingLit)

Mr Leong Yew Wah, Master Teacher Y5-6 (Mathematics)

Mr Christopher Selvaraj, ADH/Student Leadership (Culture Wars)

Ms Nicole Magno, GP Tutor (Modern Manners)

IPS-Nathan Lectures:
Cheong Koon Hean, CEO Housing & Development Board

Prof Tan Tai Yong, President of Yale-NUS College


What Our Students Say

“As a GSP member, I really appreciated how the teachers invited speakers from many different backgrounds and fields with many interesting insights to share; the discussions; the Italian restaurant (that was really nice!). The Tokyo trip was really fun too and thank you for the Hokkaido milk recommendation! Thinking about it now I am starting to miss it (it costs $2+ for a small packet in Singapore). I learnt a lot from the programme, not just knowledge-wise but also the "softer" skills like how to properly give thank-you gifts and notes which I admittedly hadn't really thought too much about before. It must have taken a lot of effort to run the programme, invite speakers every week and plan the trip on top of the other things the teachers had to do. Thank you for all the work you put in to make it possible! It was nice to be able to learn so many things outside the curriculum!”

- Megan Yeo Shu’en, GSP 2019 and Class of 2020




“…I was super excited when I got into GSP! The stuff we covered was really fun (I enjoyed most of the sessions, though the one that really sticks in the mind clearest is still Alfian Sa'at's, and of course all the various sessions in Japan – like the Japan Institute of International Affairs session, one of my favourites). Very fun. I'm thus really grateful for how you shaped GSP to be such an enriching but fun course! 🙂"

- Russell Chee, GSP 2019 and Class of 2020