Raffles Water and Environmental Sustainability Programme

What Our Subject is About



Water is life. One of the most fundamental challenges facing the world today is how we manage and develop this precious resource in the face of growing demand, to promote economic growth in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way. As part of the programme, students will have the opportunity to discover the multidisciplinary nature of the subject, learn about Singapore’s water and environmental journey, have both social and scientific discourse with academia, industry and policymakers and be equipped with skills to carry out a water/environmental science research project. 



Fieldtrip to Bishan Park as part of the RWESP programme. Students learnt about Singapore’s integrated and holistic approach to urban water management. 



RWESP students carrying out their water/environmental science-related research projects at the OpenLab in Raffles Institution. 



What Our Students Say

What was the best aspect of RWESP?


“We got to learn a lot in breadth and depth about water management while having fun on field trips” 


“I liked everything :D the programme was a good introduction to water issues in Singapore and it was a very enriching experience. I also really like the research aspect because it gives me an idea of how to carry out research and what not to do in the future.” 




“The hands on research experience which although tough is eye opening, as well as the talks from various speakers which are very interesting and insightful.”