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With 100 years of scouting excellence behind us, 02 Raffles Scout Group is one of the oldest scouting troops in Singapore. Founded in 1922, 02 Scouts focuses on promoting camaraderie and espirit de corps through the many activities that our senior scouts organize for their juniors, as well as on developing functional scouting skills such as tying knots, cooking, orientation and camp craft.

Beyond the skills trainings that are conducted during CCA sessions, our activities also include taking part in the annual Jobweek, leadership camps and recreational organized by the Singapore Scout Association; our Troop’s March, June and November camps; Hikes; Campfires organized by other scout troops and many other activities.

As part of our outreach effort to serve the community, we also undertake a variety of VIA activities. In 2022, we participated in NParks’ OneMillionTrees movement; and this year, we organized the Cub Scout Mind Quiz for primary school cub scout packs. We also hope to be able to resume hosting a campfire for our brother and sister scouts from the schools for special needs students.

Do visit us at our booth at Open House and Raffles Trail. You never know what we might be serving up when you visit!

We look forward to welcoming you to 02. Let 02 be your choice for CCA!!! 



Achievements & Highlights


Chief Commissioner’s Award Recipients (2023)
1. Aw Jun Hong 4G
2. Chandrasekaran Balaganesh 4I
3. Chia Ji Kar, Zolten 4M
4. Goh Keane 4G
5. Lucas Quek Yi Quan 4E
6. Muhammad Faiq Rifqi Bin Mohamad Fauzi 4I
7. Rui Jiqiang 4D



Frank Cooper Sands Award 2022 (Scout Unit)


Frank Cooper Sands Award 2022 (Venture Unit)


President’s Scout Award Recipients (2022)

Tan Yong Han Travis

Swaminathan Visakan

2022 Chief Commissioner’s Award

Teh Zheng Xin

Pradeep Thangavelu

Joel Lee

Lee Jie Yang, Josh

Alexander Mark Amaragantha