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Cricket, often dubbed as a religion in cricket-loving nations, holds an unparalleled place in the hearts of millions worldwide. Cricket encompasses passion, skill, and unyielding spirit. Cricket is a game that unites people across cultures, transcending boundaries.

Here in RI cricket, we take the game very seriously, and it reflects in our dedication to training. We hit the pitch thrice a week, honing our skills, fine tuning strategies, and pushing our boundaries. Our exceptional coaches have been instrumental in cultivating our potential, ensuring that each member excels both individually and as a team.

Apart from the National School Games, our team also participates in invitational competitions and leagues. Our overseas trips so far to Sri Lanka and Malaysia have been exciting and wonderful opportunities for bonding with friends and testing our skills against new opponents. We learn from every game and these encounters not only fuel our competitive spirit but also foster lasting friendships with teammates from diverse backgrounds. Through this wide range of activities, we hope to instil in our cricketer’s pride in their sport and a greater understanding of the skills they need to develop to become exceptional sportsmen.

As the legendary cricketer, MS Dhoni, once said, "I believe in giving more than 100% on the field, and I don't really worry about the result if there's great commitment on the field. That's victory for me."



Achievements & Highlights


National School Games (Cricket)

B Division - Champions

C Division - 2nd