Fencing 2023 (1)


En garde. Pret. Allez! You only have a split-second to think, to execute a clever and decisive strategy to fool your opponent. A counterattack? A parry riposte or an unexpected flunge to throw him off? With a flick of the blade, the buzzer sounds, and the green light shines in your favour. But there is no time to celebrate, you quickly prepare your stance as the bout paced and exhilarating, fencing demands your utmost concentration and focus. 

If you enjoy the clashing of blades, the thrill of winning, or the feeling of mimicking Jack Sparrow or Darth Vader, then Fencing is the right CCA for you! So, what are you waiting for? Fencing welcomes, you.


Achievements & Highlights


2023 National School Games

B Division Silver

C Division Silver


National School Games - B Division

Huang Jing Yao Lemuel - Foil (Silver)

Zhou Kunlin - Sabre (Bronze)

National School Games - C Division

Ko Daryen Xin Tze - Sabre (Silver)

Chew Joshua Kai En - Sabre (Bronze)

Tang Min Jie Albert - Foil (Bronze)