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Eat, Sleep, Floorball, Repeat! This is what defines Raffles Institution Floorball. With passion and dedication, we train 3 times a week, always striving to improve ourselves and be a better player than who we were yesterday. While training can get tough, your fellow floorball teammates will always support each other, ensuring that you are not alone on the path to victory. To ensure that our competitive spirits are kept up throughout the year, we have regular friendly competitions against other schools, and sign up for other intense competitions. Our players respect our opponents and play with pride while pressing on for victory.

While physical strength is definitely important, having the right values such as commitment and discipline are also what defines a good floorball player. Having our own 6 core values (Attitude, Basic to Perfection, Commitment, Discipline, Effort and Faith) in floorball, we believe that having the correct values and mind-set are of utmost importance, and are key to a team succeeding.



Achievements & Highlights


National School Games 2023

B Division – 2nd Round

C Division – 2nd Round

SG Open 2023

Under 15 – 3rd

Storvretacupen Singapore 2023

Under 14 – 3rd

Under 16 – 4th 

Men's Conference League 2023

Top 8


The floorball team started the year in high spirits, ready to take on the National Inter-School B and C Division championships, and also looking forward to external competitions and tournaments to further strengthen our skills as individuals and as a team.

National School Games 2022

B Division – Top 8

C Division – Top 8

SG Open 2022

Under 17 – Top 4

Under 15 – Top 4