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Courtesy, Courage, Sincerity, Honour, Respect and Friendship. Just as important as Tachi waza (throws) and Newaza (groundwork) techniques, Judo aims to inculcate these principal values into every single Judoka. Many people hesitate when thinking about picking up Judo, as they fear for their own safety. However, this cannot be further from the truth.

Judo (柔道) roughly translates to “Gentle Way” in Japanese. As the name suggests, Judo does not permit the use of punches or kicks. From day one of training, every Judoka is trained to safely break fall when being thrown. Furthermore, Judo is a sport where everyone of various sizes can join, with weight categories ranging from under 50kg up to 90kg. Your current fitness level does not stop you from joining us, as Judo is a great sport to build muscle and maintain a strong healthy body. Raffles Judo (RAJU) welcomes all with open arms!


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Training Schedule

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
(3.45pm to 6.15pm)
Year 1s end at 6pm for Semester 1


Teacher Mentors

Mr Lim Ming Han

Mrs Chee Mei Ling

Mr Theodore Tan

Achievements & Highlights


National Inter-School B Division Boys’ Judo Championships
Division: Overall 4th

U55kg: Phung Ding Jun, Zachary (Silver), Zhuang Haoyi (Bronze)
U60kg: Lee Qi Hang Jonathan (Silver) Sean Corleone Tam Gah Hong (Bronze)
U66kg: Rayhan Bin Masrudyn (Bronze)
U73kg: Isaac Goh Xuan Qi (Bronze)
U90kg: Timothy Lee Xin Yan (Bronze)

National Inter-School C Division Boys’ Judo Championships
Division: Overall 3rd

U50kg: Looi Cheng Xin , Elijah (Silver)
U60kg: Wong Tianle Kaeden (Bronze)
U66kg: Ahsan Nathyr Bin Noorazman (Bronze)
U75kg: Reynald Ng Kwan Wei (Bronze)
U84kg: Wang Bingxuan (Silver), Leow Changzhi James (Bronze)