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Raffles Debaters Yearbook Photo 2022




Debating is a stressful activity. It is a battle of wits where you and your teammates strategise together in order to take down the meticulously crafted (or ridiculously flawed) logic of your opponents. Everything you say can and will be scrutinised and targeted by the opposition. More importantly, it is an art of using language and critical thinking to triumph over your adversaries. 

The Raffles Debating Club provides a safe space to practise this art. CCA sessions are filled with joy and bonding despite the immense pressure and we give each other constructive feedback despite the sometimes cruel verdicts.  

Our debate sessions will not only hone your speaking abilities, but also teach you how to substantiate and explain a point – skills that will help you throughout your life, be it in debating, your English argumentative essay, or even a crucial pitch on Shark Tank. 

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Training Schedule

Mondays & Wednesdays 
(4pm to 6pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mrs Heryanti Suhaimy

Mr Timothy Yam Rong Yao


Achievements & Highlights


Debate Association Debating Championship – 2nd Team Placing 
- Bharath Venkataramanan
- Soon Kuan Kiat Ryan
- Ong Boon Yang

Hwa Chong British Parliamentary  Debating Competition  Team A – 2nd Team Placing, 7th Individual Placing 
- Koh Ming En Donovan

Hwa Chong British Parliamentary  Debating Competition  Team B – 1st Team Placing, 2nd Individual Placing  
- Rupa Kinkara

Hwa Chong British Parliamentary Debating Competition  Team C – 1st Team Placing, 1st Individual Placing 
- Lau Ken Ern

Raffles Debate Academy U-14 Debating Competition – 2nd Team Placing 
- Luke Ooi Yong Jia
- Woon Tien Eu  (1st Individual Placing)
- Chin Hao Ching Dylan (4th Individual Placing)
- Phua Wei Chong Zachary 
- Fikri Bin Syamsul Ramadhan



World Schools Debating Championship 2021National Representation
Raphael Niu Zi Yuan

Debate Association Debating Championships 2021Champion
Hui Zhou Rong Isaiah (10th Best Speaker) 
Wu Yu (17th Best Speaker)
Lau Ian Kai Ethan (7th Best Speaker)

Raffles Debate Academy U-14 Champion
Wong E Jeh (1st Best Speaker)
Wee Sze Yu, Matteo (5th Best Speaker)

Lasallian Debate League 20211st, 2nd, and 3rd Runner-up
Rupa Kinkara (1st Best Speaker)
Soh Jun Hee (2nd Best Speaker)
Wong E Jeh (3rd Best Speaker)

Asian Youth British Parliamentary Debating Championship 2021Grand Finalist (U14 Category) 

Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championship 2021Quarterfinalist
Raphael Niu Zi Yuan (3rd Best Speaker)
Hui Zhou Rong Isaiah (13th Best Speaker)
Lau Ian Kai, Ethan (13th Best Speaker)

7th Oldham Cup 2021Quarterfinalist

Dutch Schools Debating Competition 2021Quarterfinalist
Hui Zhou Rong Isaiah (25th Best Speaker) 
Wu Yu (37th Best Speaker)
Lau Ian Kai Ethan (29th Best Speaker)