Raffles Photography and Art Club




Raffles Photography and Art Club (RPAC) provides opportunities for students who are passionate about art and photography to learn more about the crafts and hone their creativity and skills through activities designed to meet their needs. The club also assists in documenting the significant school events and organising Inter-House photography competitions as part of its contribution to the school community. 

RPAC organises weekly Friday meetings where members learn and practise different techniques in photography. While Year 1 students attended a 4-session basic photography course, their seniors participated in a series of creative photography sessions that had “Water” as its theme. The students experimented and produced creative water effects in photography. Some of the students’ photographs were exhibited at Liveable Cities Challenge 2022. Additionally, the students applied what they had learnt from the sharing sessions on nature photography in an outdoor photography session at Macritchie Reservoir. The knowledge and skills acquired from street photography sessions were applied in another outdoor photography trail at Little India. The importance skills, knowledge, and attitudes required of a photographer were further reinforced in the photojournalism and sports photography sharing sessions conducted by professional photographers from Canon Academy. 

Despite the constraints and limitations brought about Covid-19, RPAC manages to sustain the energy and momentum of the Club and ensure that its programme remains relevant. Hence, it has been a busy and meaningful year for the Club, and this is due to the positive collaboration between the student leaders and the teachers-in-charge.   


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Training Schedule

(1.30pm to 3.30pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mdm Tan Chui Min
Ms Lim Soh Khim


Achievements & Highlights


  • MOE Our Schools, Our Stories 2022 Photo & Video Contest  
  • Termly Interhouse Photography Competition 2022



  • MOE Our Schools, Our Stories 2021 Photo & Video Contest (Honorable Mention – Youth Category –Video)
  • Interhouse Photography Competition 2021