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Raffles Photography and Art Club (RPAC) provides opportunities for students who are passionate about photography and art to learn more about the crafts and hone their creativity and skills through activities designed to meet their needs. The club also assists in documenting the significant school events and organising Inter-House photography competitions as part of its contribution to the school community. 

This year being post-pandemic, RPAC resumed its face-to-face meetings and managed to conduct outdoor photography activities. It has also been a particularly busy year for RPAC photographers who rendered their service on several occasions for the school’s bicentennial celebrations. Our photographers were also kept very busy by requests for photo coverage of CCA-related activities and school-related events.  In celebration of RI 200, RPAC collaborated with Year 5/6 Raffles Photographic Society and the Houses to organize a campus-wide photography competition entitled “Treasures”.    

This year, RPAC planned activities that were both specific and general for its members. In photography, Year One members were taught basic photography skills in a 4-session course conducted by Canon Academy. Their seniors were taught new skills in workshops such as Creative Videography and Toy Photography. The club members also experimented with light painting photography and attended a Sports photography talk. During the March vacation, the club organized an Urban Photography trip to Singapore’s Central Business District area.

The club also arranged a series of art-related activities for students. Besides making Resin coasters, students also attended a two-session Cyanotype Printing workshop where they learn to make prints on cards and tote bags.  Before the year ends, students will also be given the opportunity to dabble in ceramic art.

RPAC will continue to participate in MOE’s Our School Our Stories competition. This year, RPAC also participated in Singapore Young Photographers’ Convention in which participants hailed from secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics and ITEs. Our junior team comprising three Year Ones clinched “Honorable Mention – Distinction” award.  

RPAC members participated actively in the slew of resumed and additional activities by displaying positive energy and enthusiasm. Their disposition injected joy and fun to the  CCA programme. It has indeed been a rewarding and eventful year for RPAC, and this is, in part, due to the commitment and proactive disposition of RPAC’s student leaders who worked in tandem with the teachers to fulfil RPAC’s vision.

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Achievements & Highlights


  • Interhouse Photography Competition 2023
  • Singapore Young Photographers’ Convention 2023 - “ Honourable Mention- Distinction” by Year 1 Team
  • Participation in MOE Our Schools, Our Stories 2023 Photo & Video Contest  


  • MOE Our Schools, Our Stories 2022 Photo & Video Contest  
  • Termly Interhouse Photography Competition 2022