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01 Raffles Scout Group was founded in 1934 and has an illustrious 89 years of history. We constantly strive to nurture all scouts in skills, resilience, and fitness. Our program is unique and focuses on inculcating leadership qualities. Through an array of fun yet challenging activities, our scouts are encouraged to develop their potential. The troop consists of a bonded community of Year 1 to 6 scouts, alongside a strong alumni network that support the troop. 

01 enjoys a tradition of excellence, achieving the Frank Cooper Sands Gold award for the Scout Section and Frank Cooper Sands Silver award for Venture and producing many outstanding alumni. 01 will be an unforgettable and meaningful journey, and we welcome you to join the 01 family!


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Achievements & Highlights


2023 Chief Commissioner’s Award
1. Yeo Jianhung (4A)
2. James Chan Guan Xiang (4B)
3. Clement Yap Kuan Hong (4F)
4. Wong Xi Wen (4F)
5. Wang Yunze (4D)
6. Tan Teng Fong, Christopher (4J)
7. Wee Jie Rei (4D)


Frank Cooper Sands Award 2022 (Scout Section)


Frank Cooper Sands Award 2022 (Venture Section)


2022 Chief Commissioner’s Award

Lin Shu Nuo

Tu Deyi Derek

Lim Junwen Miguel

Toh Yu Hen