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We dedicate this page to Ms Charmaine Chiang and Mrs Ang Mui Eng, our former Teachers-in-Charge:
Our repertoire has not come to an end; let us sing an ode to you. Till we meet again!

Chasing perfection, catching excellence

Home to the enchanting voices of young and talented individuals, Raffles Voices, the Choir of Raffles Institution, was founded in 1992 by Ms Charmaine Chiang. Under the directorship of award-winning conductor Mr Toh Ban Sheng since 2003, Raffles Voices has grown into a renowned SATB Boys Choir and garnered numerous top accolades in Europe.

At Raffles Voices, we strive to create a symphony of sound and a tapestry of tasteful music, tackling a myriad of musical genres from classical works to modern commissions. Raffles Voices recognises that every member has their unique musical talent, and allows for exploration and development of this talent, all the while cultivating team spirit and discipline.

Raffles Voices is more than just a choir; we are a family. To all past, present, and future choristers, buckle in and join us as we embark on a timeless musical voyage! 


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Raffles Voices Achievements from 2003


Achievements & Highlights


SYF 2023 Arts Presentation (Choir)
On 12 April 2023, Raffles Voices was awarded the Certificate of Distinction in the 2023 SYF Arts Presentation (Choir). Our soul-stirring programme included the SYF set piece Morning Rain, Johannes Brahms’ Letztes Glück and the Indonesian folk song Dek Sangke.

RI Open House
Raffles Voices performed a collage of diverse World Music pieces from South Africa to Singapore at the RI Open House on 29 April 2023. We also collaborated with RISE to perform an Italian piece, Sogno di Volare.

Raffles Singers Concert at SOTA
Raffles Voices performed as a guest choir in the Raffles Singers Concert on 14 November 2023 at the SOTA concert hall.


Chengdu International Children’s Chorus Music Week (China)
August 2022, RV took part in online Chengdu International Children’s Chorus Music Week. In the past five years, more than 70 choirs from 20 over countries have participated in this event.

RV Concert on 18 Nov 2022 at SOTA Concert Hall