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Raffles Voices, the choir of Raffles Institution, was founded in 1992 by Ms Charmaine Chiang.  Under the directorship of award-winning conductor Mr. Toh Ban Sheng since 2003, it has grown into a renowned SATB boys choir, garnering numerous top accolades in Europe and tackling a myriad of musical genres from classical works to modern commissions.

Raffles Voices is active in the choral arena, participating in a wide range of choral competitions from the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging to international choral festivals. Besides consistently achieving Gold (with Honours) and Distinction Certificate in SYF, Raffles Voices has established itself as one of the foremost choirs in Singapore since clinching its first Gold in Germany in 2006.  Perhaps the most awarded secondary school choir, at the heel of winning two Gold Awards in Vienna, a Category Champion and the Conductor’s Prize in 2010, it was ranked 11th of the top 50 children’s choirs by Interkultur World Ranking.   

At home, Raffles Voices has performed numerous times at the Esplanade Concert Hall under the Limelight Series.   Apart from our rehearsals, Raffles Voices also organizes various camps and exchanges with local and international choirs. To allow each singer to further his or her exploration in music, there are various small group student bodies under our choir, where singers showcase their talents in song writing, composition and also discover varied genres of music.

To date, Raffles Voices has toured the Austria, Australia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hawaii,  Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Spain.  In the many years to come, Raffles Voices continually bond in camps, perform on world stages, and develop each member holistically while furthering their achievements both in Singapore and beyond. We invite all interested students to join our family of singers!

For all alumni who wish to receive regular updates about choir events, please send your full names, e-mail address and contact number to: [email protected]


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Raffles Voices Achievements from 2003

Training Schedule

Mondays & Wednesdays
(3.45pm to 6.30pm)
Year 1s end at 6pm for Semester 1


Teacher Mentors

Ms Charmaine Chiang
Mrs Ang Mui Eng


Achievements & Highlights


Chengdu International Children’s Chorus Music Week (China)
August 2022, RV took part in online Chengdu International Children’s Chorus Music Week. In the past five years, more than 70 choirs from 20 over countries have participated in this event.

RV Concert on 18 Nov 2022 at SOTA Concert Hall



SYF 2021 Arts Presentation (choir)
A sound track was compiled for the SYF Arts Presentation, where the choir has obtained “Excelling” indicators for almost all categories.

Jean Sibelius On-Line Choir Contest (Turku, Finland)
RV participated in The Ninth International JSFest 2021 Jean Sibelius On-Line Choir Contest (Turku, Finland) during 12-15 November 2021. Four sound tracks & video links were submitted as required and the choir clinched the second prize, Children and Youth Choir category, in the contest.


RV VIA project
RV members are in the process of recording a performance CD of oldies for Senior Care Centre or Old Folk Home, which will be identified by the Choir. The objectives are to encourage RV members to bond with each other and learn to work towards a common goal.