Being such a rare and niche sport, many people do not know much about sailing. To contrary beliefs,  sailing isn’t just about having to be serious and constantly training. Sailing is a sport where we are able to relax and appreciate nature first-hand. Many sailors including myself let out our stress by sailing! It is a fun yet competitive sport where everyone strives to become the best so that we can compete at our best.

Our CCA can be described as fun yet competitive. We often try to strike a balance between having fun while learning new tactics to beat each other. Despite the relatively relaxed environment, we all are extremely competitive and are constantly trying to outwit each other so that we can improve ourselves and get ready for any upcoming competitions. If you have always wanted to create enchanting new experiences while being able to appreciate the sea, then Sailing is the sport for you!



Achievements & Highlights


1: Singapore National Youth Sailing Championships, School Category Champion
3: 2023 South East Asian Games: Silver (Ethan Chia) 
4: Asian and Oceanian Nations Cup Champion 2022: (Ethan Chia, Ian Goh, Swee Dean, Eitan Oh, Aurick Leow) 
5: Asians and Oceania Team Racing Champions 2022: (Eitan Oh, Ethan chia, Ian Goh) 
6: 2023 Optimist Worlds Championship: 62nd, 79th, 136th(Ethan Chia, Aurick Leow, Eitan Oh)

1: National School Sailing Championship 2023 ‘B’ Division: Team Champion 
2: National School Sailing Championship 2023 ‘C’ Division: Team 2nd 
4: Singapore National Youth Sailing Championships 2023: School Category Champion
5: 2023 South East Asian Games: Gold (Isaac Goh)  
6: ILCA4 Asian Championships 2023: 3rd Overall Open(Isaac Goh) 
7: ILCA4 World Championships 2023: 31st (Isaac Goh)


Arkas Optimist World Championships - Turkey 
Yap Swee Dean - 201st Overall

Bodrum Optimist Training Regatta
Ian Goh - 58th Overall, 4th In silver fleet

ACDC Sailing Championships (Optimist)
Ian Goh - 23rd Overall, Gold fleet 23rd

Singapore National Sailing Championships (School Category)
Raffles Institution - 1st 
(Eitan Oh - 3rd, Aurick Leow - 4th, Yap Swee Dean - 7th)

Asian Sailing Championships 2022(ILCA 4) - Abu Dhabi
Isaac Goh - 13th Overall

National Schools Sailing Championship
B Divison: Isaac Goh - 2nd

C Division (Optimist):
Eitan Oh - 1st
Ian Goh - 2nd
Yap Swee Dean - 4th