String Ensemble




The Raffles Institution String Ensemble (RISE) has been a pioneering musical ensemble that unites aspiring violinists, violists, cellists, and double bassists in Raffles Institution, fostering a shared passion for music. Established in 2001, RISE has pursued excellence and is renowned for its talented and dedicated players. With a deep commitment to musical expression and artistic growth, the ensemble has participated in numerous concerts, competitions, and overseas exchanges both locally and internationally, showcasing their remarkable skill and artistry. These experiences have allowed the members to shape their musical abilities, learn from renowned musicians, and gain invaluable performance exposure. RISE’s legacy spans over two decades, and the ensemble's unwavering commitment to musical excellence and passion for performance have made it an emblem of musical distinction. 



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Achievements & Highlights


April – RISE in Concert, ‘MesmeRISE’, Victoria Concert Hall



April – Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 
August - Arts at The Atrium, Performance at RI’s National Day Celebrations 
August – Participation in the Inaugural Global Strings Federation Youth Orchestra Festival


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