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Swimming demands focus, discipline and grit to grind through gruelling sets and the inevitable performance plateaus. The challenge goes beyond the pool as swimmers constantly strive to balance a demanding training schedule with their other school commitments. What unites the Raffles swim team is the common goal of pushing one’s personal limits, and the desire to bring glory to the school.  


Training Schedule

Wednesdays (5.30am to 7.00am)
Twice a month


Teacher Mentors

Mr Ong Chen Tat
Mr Melvin Ng
Mr Anthony Lim


Achievements & Highlights


National Inter-School B Division Boys’ Swimming Championship
Overall Team Gold
4x50m Freestyle Relay – 1st
4x50m Medley Relay – 1st 

National Inter-School C Division Boys’ Swimming Championship
Overall Team Silver
4x50m Medley Relay – 1st
4x50m Freestyle Relay – 2nd