Alchemy Club


Alchemy Class of 2023

Looking for a CCA where you can form strong bonds and test out your chemistry with others? Want to look beyond the H2 Chemistry syllabus? Look no further than Alchemy Club, for we have the solution for you! Regardless of your ability in Chemistry, we have something to offer for everyone. Every Monday, we conduct a series of enriching lectures and exciting practicals for Chemistry enthusiasts, covering many intriguing chemistry phenomena, ranging from the Maillard Reaction, to the Aldol Condensation. 


Get to meet fellow Chemistry lovers in Alchemy and pursue your burning interest in Chemistry! If these activities sound like your cup of tea, what are you waiting for? Keep your i-on Alchemy and Chem bond with us (Come bond with us)! 


Achievements & Highlights

Practical sessions include synthesis of nylon, oscillating reactions, electrochemistry and caffeine extraction