Astronomy Club


Yearbook 2022 - photo of Year 6 HD



Astronomy is like a never-ending video game, but instead of an end credit sequence, you get rewarded with the secrets of the universe. Its beauty lies in its ability to captivate and inspire; there’s so much to learn and we’re determined to understand as much as we can.

Whether we’re astrobiologists interested in life beyond us, astrophysicists interested in the intricacies of the universe or practical astronomers passionate in exploring its beauty, we’re united by our curiosity and shared love for exploration.

Yes, some may call us impractical or deem this venture pointless, but for those who have marveled at the rings of Saturn or the craters of the moon, we know that it’s well worth the effort.

So, for the valiant ones who are interested, the Astronomy Club has a place for you! Regardless of your prior knowledge, you can look forward to carnivals, competitions, overseas trips, and lots of fun! Join us for an out-of-this-world experience!




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Training Schedule

(6.30pm to 9.30pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mrs Kong-Leong Yi-Lin
Ms Chan Pei Chen


Achievements & Highlights


Astrochallenge 2022

Annual astronomy competition jointly organised by the Astronomical Societies of National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University

Team Champion (Senior Category)

Best Astronomer – Liu Hao 


9th Singapore Astronomy Olympiad 

2 out of top 5 outstanding exceptional performances, including Gold Award 


International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics 2022 

1 Gold and 1 Silver medal

Astronite 2022

Astronomy-themed interactive games and stargazing session open to the whole school and other Astronomy Clubs in Singapore.


Astrigue 2022

Astronomy competition for secondary school students, organised in collaboration with HCI