Audio Visual Unit


AVU 2023 College Yearbook photo


AVU is a service CCA that helps out during school events by operating the lights and sound systems, and setting up equipment. Connecting wires to the right outlets, choosing the right lighting and timing, and adjusting the volume of different inputs for the best-sounding and best-lighting performances, all fall under the responsibilities of the AVU. In fact, you also get a (possibly once in a lifetime) chance to handle state-of-the-art equipment, such as professional lighting systems, a Yamaha TF5 sound mixer, or even a smoke machine. In the AVU, you gain more than just technical skills. You also form invaluable bonds with your batchmates and get the opportunity to work with a wide range of CCA groups. Beyond performances, the AVU club is also actively involved in the school’s Morning Assembly programme at the parade square, as well as in many more ‘live’ events!


Achievements & Highlights

2022 and 2023

Provided support for schoolwide events, concerts, recordings etc:

Schoolwide Events and Celebrations:

Orientation, Council Investiture, Arts Assembly, Raffles Got Talent, Sustainability Talk, Diversity Video Filming 

CCA Events and Concerts:

Chorale, Chamber Ensemble, CLDCS, Guitar Ensemble, Jazz, Modern Dance, Piano Ensemble, Raffles Players, Raffles Rock, Raffles Runway, Raffles Symphonic Band, Raffles, Raffles Street Dance

2022 Everglow Batch Night

2022 Afterglow Grad Night

Vocal Delights 2022: Deja Vu 

RI Open house 2023

Raffles Got Talent 2023

Once Upon A Dream 2023

Spellbound 2023