Chamber Ensemble


Chamber Ensemble


Unlike modern music, classical music may not immediately be as enthralling with a catchy tune, epic bass line, or compelling lyrics. Chamber is a place where you will find yourself wandering into the works of timeless composers, with ravishing melodies and harmonies.  

Raffles Institution Chamber Ensemble was founded in 1986 as a platform for all music lovers to perform together with like-minded friends. Our members gather every Wednesday in the Chamber room for practice consisting of ensemble and chamber group sessions, where we aim to express ourselves through our music.

Led by our conductor Ms Marietta Ku, we take great pride in our music and strive to achieve musical excellence in all our performances, which include a colourful diversity of chamber and ensemble music. Our repertoire includes pieces from classical composers like Beethoven and Ravel to popular tunes like Studio Ghibli medleys.




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Training Schedule

(7.45am to 11am)


Teacher Mentors

Mrs Er Mui Kee
Mrs Wong Seok Hui


Achievements & Highlights


  • Kammermusik – Annual Chamber Concert


  • 2021 Singapore Youth Festival Art Presentation
  • Bishan Community Centre Lunar New Year Celebration

  • Raffles Institution Year 6 Homecoming Performance