Chinese Orchestra


Chinese Orchestra


In RICO (Y5-6), we believe in working hard and playing hard. That's why our members can look forward to activities like regular batch dinners, CCA outings, and annual exchanges with other Chinese orchestras – or simply to our weekly practices, enlivened by our one-of-a-kind conductor, Mr Yang Jiwei, along with our dedicated instructors. Under Mr Yang's direction, the orchestra has consistently achieved outstanding results in the biennial SYF Arts Presentation, including a Certificate of Distinction in 2023. RICO (Y5-6) has also performed in venues ranging from the SCO Concert Hall to the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. Most recently, the orchestra held a spring-themed concert at the latter as part of Esplanade’s In Youthful Company, which was warmly received by passersby and schoolmates alike. 

With a wide repertoire consisting of rich and colourful classic CO pieces, as well as modern pop music reinterpreted in the unique tones of a Chinese orchestra, our members can experience the beauty of Chinese music, develop themselves as musicians, and form lasting memories.


Achievements & Highlights


Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2023


In Youth Company Concert 2023, by Theatres on the Bay-Esplanade

Musical Exchange with RGS Chinese Orchestra, RICO (Year 1-4) and ACS (Barker Road) CO


Online production “Sounds of Home”

ARTseason 2022