Community Advocates


Community Advocates

Community Advocates seeks to develop leaders of character with a sense of justice and social responsibility to initiate sustainable partnerships and advocacy projects effecting positive change in our local community. Students engage in advocacy projects about topics and issues that they care deeply about, such as environmental issues, and each Community Advocate is also a member of one of three Student Interest Groups: 

Doveswarm, which promotes the coexistence of migrant workers and local residents by addressing the needs and concerns of both parties;
Empty Pocket, which strives to be a voice for those living in poverty, so as to build a more empathetic and inclusive community;
and Lifeline, which focuses on raising awareness about health issues facing our society so as to foster a more equitable community that recognises the healthcare needs of all. 


Achievements & Highlights


Batch Projects 
Project Florascent: Y5 Batch Project 2022
Project Silver Lining: Y6 Batch Project 2023

SIG Projects 
Project Perspectives: Lifeline SIG Project 2023
heART-to-heart: Doveswarm SIG Project 2023
Game of Life: Empty Pockets SIG Project 2023

Pop-Up Projects 
Our Storeys, Their Stories: Doveswarm Pop-Up Project 2023

Pathlight School: Lifeline Service 2022
TOUCH Young Arrows: Empty Pockets Service 2023
SG Accident Help Centre: Doveswarm Service 2023
RI Mentoring Programme with Teck Ghee Primary School 2023


Batch Projects
The Consumer Class: Y5 Batch Project 2021
The project aimed to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of excessive consumerism. 

HeArtbeat: Y6 Batch Project 2022
The project aimed to increase appreciation for and awareness of the local arts scene, and serve as an avenue to recognize and celebrate RI alumni who had made significant contributions to the community through the Arts. 

Student Interest Groups Projects

Hear With You: Lifeline SIG Project 2021
A series of advocacy campaigns and a webinar that aimed to build awareness and understanding of the Deaf community in Singapore. 

Changemaking Forum: Doveswarm SIG Project 2021
An online forum aimed to spread awareness on different services and advocacy projects for migrant workers. 

‘Karang Gunis, We Need Them’: Empty Pockets SIG Project 2021
Centred on raising awareness about Karang Gunis, this project consisted of a webinar, an experiential activity and social media posts.