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With our hectic day to day life, it is all too easy to overlook a glaringly obvious fact – society has not dealt everyone the same fortunate hand that we have. Here at CA (Community Advocates), we refuse to ignore these injustices. We choose to take a stand, and we do our best to drive a change. This is the essence of CA.

Within this family, we are gathered into four Student Interest Groups, each championing a different cause – Lifeline (Healthcare), Empty Pocket (Poverty), Glassark (Environment) and Doveswarm (Migrant Workers). In each SIG, every member has the opportunity to unite with other like-minded individuals who strongly believe in tackling the same societal issues.



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Training Schedule

General meetings
(9am to 11am) 

Project meetings
Ad-hoc basis


Teacher Mentors

Ms Ruth Ong Wei Lin
Ms Lee Si Jia
Ms Christine Teo Yee Wen
Mr Leong Jun Jie


Achievements & Highlights


Batch Projects
The Consumer Class: Y5 Batch Project 2021
The project aimed to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of excessive consumerism. 

HeArtbeat: Y6 Batch Project 2022
The project aimed to increase appreciation for and awareness of the local arts scene, and serve as an avenue to recognize and celebrate RI alumni who had made significant contributions to the community through the Arts. 

Student Interest Groups Projects

Hear With You: Lifeline SIG Project 2021
A series of advocacy campaigns and a webinar that aimed to build awareness and understanding of the Deaf community in Singapore. 

Changemaking Forum: Doveswarm SIG Project 2021
An online forum aimed to spread awareness on different services and advocacy projects for migrant workers. 

‘Karang Gunis, We Need Them’: Empty Pockets SIG Project 2021
Centred on raising awareness about Karang Gunis, this project consisted of a webinar, an experiential activity and social media posts. 



Visual Impairment Batch Project
The project aimed to raise awareness about and empathy for the community of visually impaired in Singapore. Four types of activities were organised throughout the month for the general school population. These included an Art Exhibition, held in collaboration with Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, which showed the work of persons with varying degrees of visual impairment, as well as a webinar held in collaboration with social enterprise Rebound With Resilience, featuring Mr Zahier Samad, who shared his experience in losing his eyesight and adapting to a new norm.

Read to Exceed - Empty Pockets Special Interest Group Project
In a collaboration with PaperBack Bridges, Lion Befrienders, ReadAble and Salvation Army, the Empty Pockets SIG helped to increase awareness about poverty in Singapore amongst students in RI. The project culminated in a book drive in which RI students donated books to children from low-income families and seniors at risk of social isolation.

Migrant Workers Podcast - Dovewarm Special Interest Group Project
The Doveswarm SIG collaborated with NGO Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) to record a question-and-answer podcast, with the theme of the impact of Covid 19 on the physical and mental well-being of migrant workers in Singapore. The podcast was uploaded for the general school population in May.

Beyond the Spectrum - Lifeline Special Interest Group Project
In collaboration with Rainbow Centre (RC), the Lifeline SIG fostered greater understanding of persons with special needs through Project Beyond the Spectrum, encouraging students and the Raffles Alumni and Parents Association to donate to RC’s Chairs For Community fundraiser, in support of RC’s new campus.

Donation Drive - Doveswarm Special Interest Group Project
Doveswarm students led a donation drive of hand sanitisers and masks from the school community for migrant workers in Singapore. 

Migrant Workers Zoom Chat - Doveswarm Special Interest Group Project
Doveswarm students held a Zoom chat with migrant workers to find out more about their experiences and the issues troubling them. 

Screen to Intervene - Lifeline Special Interest Group Project
Lifeline students found ways to encourage adults to go for Health Promotion Board screening initiatives so that early intervention can be sought if necessary. 

Biodiversity Pop-Up Project
A group of environmentally conscious CA students raised awareness about the rich biodiversity on the RI campus.

Package Pals Pop-Up Project
A group of environmentally conscious CA students collected used envelopes and packaging for recycling.

The Food Issue Pop-Up Project
A group of environmentally conscious CA students continued previous years’ efforts to raise awareness about food wastage and how we can reduce it.