Computer Science Society




At CSS, we are home both to experienced veterans and complete beginners. For those with zero prior experience in programming, fret not! At the start of the year, we offer a short foundational course in Python to bring you up to speed. 

Throughout the year, CSS members have countless opportunities to put their skills to the test by participating in national competitions. In hackathons like NUS Hack&Roll or iNTUition, you can ‘hack’ together a prototype app in 24 hours. CTFs like SMU Whitehacks, Cyberthon or the Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp let you race other teams to hack (the real one) into mock environments. Finally, some members compete in the prestigious National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI).

However, CSS is not just about learning — we’re a CCA, not H2 computing! Although computer science can sometimes be a solitary affair, we do our best to make CSS a place where you can make memories and form friendships. 

In all of our courses, you will have opportunities to collaborate with and learn from other members. We also have semi-regular bonding sessions, where we play games that are sometimes computer-themed and many times not. You can also look forward to our club camp and possible learning journeys outside regular CCA hours!


Achievements & Highlights


Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad 2023

Silver Medal

National Informatics Olympiad 2023

2nd in JC Category, 4 Gold Medals

Cyberthon 2023

4th, 7th, 9th placing and Data Science Challenge Winner


Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad 2022

1 Bronze

National Olympiad in Informatics 2022

Top Junior College Award – Second

4 Gold

Singapore International Mathematics Challenge (SIMC 2.0) 2022

Senior Challenge – Distinction Award & Special Award 

Cyberthon 2022

Commendation Award – 4th Place

Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp 2022

JC Category – 4th Place