Dragon Boating


For YearBook 2023 DB

Do you enjoy pushing yourself? Do you derive satisfaction from training hard and unlocking new achievements? Does being in a team sport appeal to you? If so, Raffles Dragon Boating is just the sport for you.

Being a rowing sport, Dragon Boating requires good cardiovascular fitness, as well as immense physical strength. However, beyond its physicality, Dragon Boating also commands great mental strength. It is a sport that emphasises consistent effort, discipline and camaraderie, and pushes you beyond your limits. 

Raffles Dragon Boating is a highly motivated and committed team. It is one that supports, encourages and pushes you to be the best athlete you can be. Within the team, you can most definitely find a family that pushes through, alongside you, when the going gets tough.

Being a developmental sport, there are no prerequisites for being a Dragon Boater apart from a good learning attitude. If you are a team player, willing to work hard and share a passion for the sport, we welcome you to the family. RAFFLES ROW!


Achievements & Highlights



National Inter-School A Division Dragon Boating Championships 2023

22-Crew (Boys): 3rd place 

22-Crew (Girls): 1st place

12-Crew (Girls): 2nd place

Overall Joint Champion A-Division Girls (with National Junior College)

Pesta Sukan Dragonboat Competition 2022

Participated in DB22 Mixed Crew (Open)



Raffles Dragon Boating Regatta 2022
Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2022, A-division Girls’ Competition – 1st Runner-up
Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2022, A-division Boys’ Competition – 3rd Runner-up