Called a western martial art by some, fencing calls for concentration, craftiness and an economy of hand and arm movements. Fencing, for recreation or competition, is an active sport that develops physical fitness, quick reactions, speed, excellent hand, body and feet co-ordination. At the highest level, it demands total concentration to develop analytical minds and the tactical awareness to execute combat. To some, fencing has been described as “physical chess” at lightning speed.

Fencing in RI is available in all the 3 weapon groups – Epee, Sabre and Foil. Every year, we compete in several competitions such as Novices on top of the National School Games which we have always done well. Annually, we organized a local competition that has 200 over competitors from many different schools and levels. In the CCA, we have a mix of experienced and inexperienced fencers, all coming together to enjoy the sport.



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Training Schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

(4.30pm to 7.00pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mr Jason Teo

Mr Paul Poh

Ms Jesslyn Goh


Achievements & Highlights


National School Games
Boy’s overall Champion
NG JU WOON LINUS – Individual Epee Gold
CHAN WEI ZE TYLER – Individual Epee Silver
TAN YONG HAN ELSON – Individual Epee Bronze
WANG QIRUI – Individual Sabre Gold
JEROME GAN ZHANG RONG – Individual Sabre Silver
YANG XIANYAN, WINSTON – Individual Sabre Bronze

Girl’s overall Champion
CHEW KAI YI VICTORIA – Individual Epee Bronze
REBEKAH SEW – Individual Sabre Gold
AU CHEOK LUM, KIRSTEN – Individual Sabre Silver
TEH LIANG YU – Individual Sabre Bronze
REI HAN YI RUI – Individual Epee Silver

Asian Varsity Fencing Championship
Girls Team Foil – Silver
Girls Team Epee – Bronze
Girls Team Sabre – Bronze
Boys Team Epee – Gold
Boys Team Sabre – Silver

Novices Challenge
CHAN WEI ZE TYLER – Individual Epee Gold