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In Raffles Film Society, we provide opportunities for members to learn and apply both filmmaking and film appreciation skills. Sessions typically involve a mix of theoretical and practical hands-on exercises led by professional filmmakers from the local industry. Our CCA emphasises important values of teamwork, resilience and self-discipline in our strive to achieve excellence crafting the cinematic experience. 

Every year, the graduating Year 6 batch would work in groups to produce a number of short films. Termed thesis films, these culminating productions are screened at an annual showcase celebrating and consolidating their learning. In previous years, our CCA has also run student-led events such as the Hodge Lodge Screenings where members curate and discuss films and short films to share and teach film appreciation to the school community.  

We hear of auteurs like Hitchcock and Tarantino but here’s a secret—they would be nothing without the people whose names scroll past after the theatre has been emptied. And between these people, an unmistakable bond forms. Regardless of whether you plan to pursue filmmaking in the future, spending these two years in Film Society with us will induct you into a community of friends, whose bonds have thickened through collaboration and creation.


Achievements & Highlights


Thesis Film Showcase by Year 5 and 6 members

This year's showcase features the outstanding films produced by our Film Society members from the Class of 2023. Under the theme "Memento Mori Memento Vita", our students' thesis films eloquently remind us of the importance of remembering to live.

Organised by the Year 5 members, the showcase will include several short documentaries on intriguing topics, as well as the much-anticipated thesis films.

Thesis Film Production – “A Dying Art” and “Bonsai” by Year 6 members

A Dying Art delves into the story of two art students trapped inside an art studio, navigating the thin line between the living ego and the world outside. (Director – Karina Soetama, Director of Photography – Keanen Ang, Art Director – Svanika Vivekanand, Editor – Zaccaeus Lim)

Bonsai explores the journey of an elderly woman who, resigned to her fate, finds solace in an animated young volunteer. It is a story about confronting loss and the challenging process of moving forward. (Director - Mark Wu, Asst. Director – Alison Tan, Director of Photography – Dasgupta Nikhil Aman, Art Director – Chloe Lau)


Hodge Lodge Screening by Year 6 members

Thesis Film Showcase by Year 6 members

Short documentary production by Year 5 members

Video essays by Year 5 members