Film Society


Film Society_Year 6 2021-22



At Raffles Film Society, we provide opportunities through our own curriculum to equip members to learn and apply both their filmmaking and film appreciation skills. Sessions typically involve a mix of theoretical and practical hands-on sessions which are mostly led by different members of the local film-making industry. Our CCA emphasises important values of teamwork, resilience and self-discipline, where we strive to achieve excellence in the handling of the craft. Every year, the graduating year 6 batch would produce their graduation thesis films where it is screened annually in a showcase in July which celebrates and consolidates their learning. The CCA also organises student-led events such as the Hodge Lodge Screenings where at the end of the term, members curate and discuss films and short films to share and teach film appreciation to the school community.  



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Training Schedule

(8am to 11am)


Teacher Mentors

Ms Joanna Ng

Ms Audrey Tan

Achievements & Highlights


Hodge Lodge Screening by Year 6 members

Thesis Film Showcase by Year 6 members

Short documentary production by Year 5 members

Video essays by Year 5 members



2020 Year 6 Graduation Assembly Video

Year 6 Collaboration with Community Advocates
Filmed and Edited a short animation on autism as part of their project Beyond the Spectrum.

Year 5 Film Essays for Art Assembly
The entire batch of year 5s produced 5 different film essays in response to Bong Joon Ho’s short film: Shaking Tokyo!