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Step into the world of Gavel Club, a subsidiary of Toastmasters Singapore, where you can become a more compelling and confident speaker. If the idea of standing before an audience fills you with butterflies, fear not, for you are not alone. At Gavel Club, we understand that public speaking can be intimidating. However, in our tight-knit and continuously evolving community, you will find the encouragement and guidance to overcome those nerves. Through engaging and interactive sessions, you will develop your oratory skills while receiving constructive feedback, ensuring your growth as a confident communicator. The benefits of Gavel Club extend far beyond the realm of academics, as the invaluable skills you acquire here will serve you throughout life, opening doors to exciting opportunities and boosting your self-confidence. Whether you are naturally eloquent or are only starting to find your voice, we welcome all aspiring speakers with open arms.


Achievements & Highlights


Nominated for best community partner award by AWWA 

For conducting public speaking workshops for children with special needs