Hockey 2022 Photo Montage (002)



Game face on, no fear.
Push, sweep, hit; score, cheer.

There has always been an indescribable beauty in the dynamics of a game of hockey – the unspoken chemistry, the satisfactory burst of dopamine from the soft ‘thud’ of a good tackle, the palpitating silence before a short corner; but nothing truly beats the feeling of contentment from the sense of camaraderie – all amalgamating into what can only be described as 'teamwork makes the dream work'.



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Training Schedule

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays
(5pm to 7pm) 


Teacher Mentors


Mr Gopi Retnam

Mr Larry Lee

Ms Valerie Liew

Miss Jerrie Liao


Achievements & Highlights


2022 National Inter-School A Division Boys Hockey Championships
First Place

2022 National Inter-School A Division Girls Hockey Championships
3rd Place