What is Judo?
Judo was founded by Jigoro Kano Sensei in 1882 and has now become a widely practised sport all over the world. Judo (柔道), which means 'the gentle way' in Japanese, focuses on using minimal effort to bring down opponents larger and stronger than oneself. Judo does not involve kicks or punches, but instead consists of Tachi-waza (standing throws) and Newaza (groundwork).

Are you looking for a fun, engaging CCA where you can learn self defence and challenge yourself? Look no further than Raffles Judo! Raffles Judo (RAJU) is a welcoming, close-knit community which strives to help and support judokas throughout their time in the CCA.

What do we do?
Our training includes physical conditioning, refinement of our techniques and sparring (randori & shiai). This helps us to build up our strength and stamina, and allows us to apply the techniques we learn when engaging in friendly competition within our CCA.

No prior experience is needed to join! Every Judoka starts with a white belt, and improves through discipline and perseverance. With a strong support system of coaches, teachers, seniors and batchmates, each judoka is able to take away precious memories by the end of their RAJU journey.

See you on the mats!! :)



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Training Schedule

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
(4.00 pm to 6.30 pm)


Teacher Mentors

Ms Lim Puay Miao

Mr Huang Junli


Achievements & Highlights


2022 National Inter-School A Division Girls’ Judo Championships

2022 National Inter-School A Division Boys’ Judo Championships