LDCS (Chinese)



What is CLDCS? We are like a 'spork', a 2-in-1 combination of both a spoon and a fork. CLDCS consists of 2 sections:


1. Drama

2. Songwriting

Members can choose to join either section or even both!


Our weekly CCA sessions culminate in our annual production in May, where the 2 sections come together to put up a complete showcase. During this event, which has been a long-standing tradition for decades, members from the Songwriting section will get a chance to perform their original songs, while those from Drama act out plays written by our very own members.




Achievements & Highlights


Cui Gu Hui Xiang 2023 : Love Strings
翠谷回响 2023 :《爱弦》


Singapore Youth Festival 2022 Arts Presentation
Certificate of Accomplishment

Cui Gu Hui Xiang : Chasing Dreams