Outdoor Adventure and Activities Club





Imagine 40 acres of mixed forest with a creek running across the middle. You are surrounded by pure nature as you admire the exquisite beauty and charm of this mountain park. It’s quiet and all you can hear is the soft rustling of leaves as the morning breeze blows softly and the crunch of dirt beneath your feet as you walk. Sounds fun? Then the Outdoors Adventure and Activities Club (ODAC) might just be the CCA for you!

If you are looking to get outdoors to have some fun, ODAC has it all. We take part in a multitude of activities ranging from hiking and cycling to even overseas expeditions. Through these activities, we aim to inculcate in each Odacian a sense of respect for oneself, others, and the environment. It is also through these shared experiences where we foster a great sense of camaraderie amongst Odacians.



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Training Schedule

(4.30pm to 6.30pm) 

(8.00am to 11.00am or 12.00pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mr Tan Sijie
Ms Lim Xin Yi
Dr Ong Soon Sheng


Achievements & Highlights


Outdoor Activities
Indoor caving, Camping, Outdoor cooking, Cycling, Kayaking etc

Basic Training Camp 
Induction camp for Year 5s

Raffles Race: Olympian Odyssey
Schoolwide Amazing Race opened to all Rafflesians



Indoor Caving 2021
Indoor caving at Challenge Cubes at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok

Basic Training Camp (BTC) 2021
1-day induction camp for basic skills built-up

Legacy Event 2021
1-day farewell event