Raffles Archives & Museum


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Members of the club pride themselves as the custodians of the school’s long and illustrious history and in the process uphold the vision of the maintaining a leading school archives & museum that bridge tradition with tomorrow.  Beyond the work done to spread the story of the school to both the Rafflesian community, past and present, and to various stakeholders, the club also provides opportunities for members to gain invaluable experience and skills related to the field of museum and archival work through a uniquely-designed curriculum and enriching external workshops, attachments or visits.   

The Club is looking for students who have a passion in history and heritage to join us and contribute to the lead-up to RI’s Bicentennial year in 2023!




Further enquiries may be made to Mrs Cheryl Yap, Head/RAM, at [email protected]


Training Schedule

(3.30pm - 5.00pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mrs Cheryl Yap
Ms Low Siew Hsien

Achievements & Highlights

Visit to National Library: Mapping the World Exhibition – 6 April 2022
Visit to 200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries: The Exhibition – 20 April 2022
Visit to Peck San Theng Gallery – 11 May 2022
1823 Trees: Kickoff Tree Planting Event – 4 June 2022
1823 Trees: Tree Planting at Coney Island – 11 June 2022
Visit to National Museum: Dislocations Exhibition – 11 June 2022
Promotional Video for The Rafflesian Album Project – 23 July 2022
Hosting GOH DPM Heng Swee Keat on Founder’s Day – 23 July 2022