Raffles Modern Dance


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As you embark on your journey with Raffles Modern Dance, you will grow to become a close-knit family with your fellow dancers.  Together, we strive to explore and refine our understanding of contemporary dance.


Under the tutelage of our esteemed instructor, Mr Goh Shou Yi, we learn to become confident and creative individuals who can contribute to our positive and uplifting CCA culture.  Through building our stamina, sharpening our technique, and acquiring new skills, we will unlock a deeper connection between our bodies and the art of Modern Dance.


If you possess a passion for contemporary dance, we invite you to join our Mod family.  Welcome, and see you soon!


Achievements & Highlights


ARTSeason 2023:  Written In The Stars
Singapore Youth Festival 2023 Arts Presentation
Certificate of Accomplishment


ARTSeason Performance 2022
National Day 2022 Celebrations