Raffles One Earth




Raffles One Earth comprises of like-minded individuals who aim to raise awareness about issues regarding the environment. We focus on planning and executing advocacy projects to engage the school cohort and the wider community. 

Some of these projects include conducting sustainability themed workshops in secondary schools to inspire younger students to learn more about the environment. We also designed Escape Rooms based on the theme of carbon footprint as part of the Team Raffles Games 2023.   

We further did a series of four Instagram posts focusing on sustainability efforts within school by working with RI’s estate department. The four Instagram posts consist of RI’s solar panels, recycling within school compound, energy consumption of RI, and a collaboration with sports CCAs to recycle drink cans or bottles during the NSG season. 


Achievements & Highlights


One Earth Urban Planning Workshops for Secondary School Students.
One Earth’s Escape Room as part of Team Raffles Games
Tour of RI’s solar panel installation hosted by RI’s estate department. 
Ecoweek Instagram Campaign on RI’s solar panel installations, energy consumption, recycling efforts, collaboration with Sports CCAs during NSG.
Terrarium workshop


Raffles One Earth launched an online environmental campaign on Instagram where we design quizzes, infographics and Instagram challenges to educate the school cohort on issues such as energy conservation, eco-friendly diets and textile waste reduction.  We also launched a lookbook made in collaboration with Raffles Runway to encourage sustainable fashion habits such as upcycling of your pre-loved clothes. In addition, we designed a virtual Escape Room as a fun and friendly competition among House members to raise awareness on environmental issues.