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Raffles Press strives to be the heartbeat of the student body, capturing school events, identity and spirit. We cover stories about people and happenings on campus, often through profiles of students and staff, or through our commentaries on issues that matter to the student body.

Alongside this journalistic content, we also provide useful information for students – current and incoming – to make better, more informed choices in Raffles. From Monday Elective Programme (MEP) and CCA previews, to commentaries on our JC curriculum and syllabus, we remember and understand that the fundamental purpose of a press is to inform and educate.


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Teacher Mentors

Mr Patrick Wong

Achievements & Highlights



Raffles Reads: published book reviews in collaboration with Times Reads 

CCA Previews: liaised with other CCAs to publish CCA previews for prospective RI students

Cross-Island Impressions: published 7 articles written in collaboration by students across eight schools on topics such as school culture, social issues and the future of journalism. 

Pressing Ahead: organised an online conference with two external speakers from SPH to share with over 100 student journalist participants on their experiences in the journalism industry

Learning journeys

TouRIsts: published special edition titled ‘Tourists’ comprising 11 articles written after mini-excursions and a batch excursion to different parks, museums and dining establishments


Each Press member contributed at least 6 articles over two years. All our articles can be accessed at

Our articles span coverage (of school events, NSGs, concerts and performances), reviews, features, opinion and other series such as ‘Please Mind the Platform Gap’ which is targeted at helping prospective RI students ease into the school environment 

Special editions

Teachers’ Day (2021)

Y5 Orientation (2022) 

TouRIsts (2022)