Raffles Rock


2022 Yik Yang's batch photo


If you’ve ever dreamed of rocking out on stage, look no further! We are Raffles Rock, RI’s resident rock band! This band will foster a greater passion for music in you and hone your performance skills. Rock resides in its very own Jamming Studio, where you’ll create lasting bonds and invaluable memories with others who share a similar passion for music. 

For many of us here in Rock, CCA sessions offer us an escape from the stresses of work, giving us time to jam our hearts out. Rock performs regularly at both internal school events and external gigs, official and unofficial, in addition to two annual concerts, Rock-In and Rock-Out. Rock also offers opportunities for you to gain other invaluable skills such as song writing, video editing and audio mixing. Rock is where we can truly express ourselves and appreciate everyone’s distinct and varied music preferences and backgrounds. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, come join us!   



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Teacher Mentors

Ms Ng Pei San
Mr Ngan Wei Yeong


Achievements & Highlights


Y5 Orientation
Pre-recorded performance

Founder’s Day 
Live Performance 

Youth Station Project Open Category 
Song writing competition for Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)  
Top 10 

National Day Celebration
Live Performance 



Open House 2021

Homecoming 2021

Spirit Day 2021 

Teachers’ Day Celebration 2021