Raffles Rock


2023 Raffles Rock batch Photo


Looking to fulfill your lifelong dream of taking the stage by storm? Look no further than Raffles Rock, the resident rock band of RI! Every year, we curate a band of the best musicians in the cohort, with the sole purpose of igniting a passion for music while refining our performance skills. Nestled within the heart of our institution, we congregate at the Jamming Studio, a haven where enduring bonds are formed with like-minded individuals who share an unwavering devotion to music. As members of Rock, we regularly showcase our talents at both internal school events and external performances, including official and unofficial gigs. Our annual concerts, Rock-In and Rock-Out, are not to be missed. Beyond the realm of performance, Rock provides avenues to develop invaluable skills such as songwriting, video editing, and audio mixing. Rock is an avenue for self-expression, where we embrace the unique music preferences and backgrounds of all. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a rockstar, you may be one of us! Come and join!



Achievements & Highlights


Homecoming Concert with Peer Helpers Programme 2023
Live Performance
RI Open House 2023
Live Performance
RI200 Open House and Carnival 2023
Live Performance
Rock-In 2023
Live Performance
Rock-Out 2023
Live Performance


Y5 Orientation
Pre-recorded performance
Founder’s Day 
Live Performance 
Youth Station Project Open Category 
Song writing competition for Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)  
Top 10 
National Day Celebration
Live Performance 

Teacher's Day 2022

Pre-recorded Performance