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Have you ever looked at pictures of pristine nature and cool animals on Instagram and thought, I need more of that in my life? Well, then Raffles Society of Biological Sciences (RSBS) might be the place for you! Honestly, we would recommend RSBS if you have a profound interest in any area of Biology and want to pursue it further. RSBS is a student-led CCA, which means the sessions are conducted based on what the members want to do. Typical activities would include interest-based lectures, lab sessions including dissections, talks by guest speakers, gardening sessions, game shows and other fun activities. Every year, the CCA also organises a few field trips, in particular nature hikes to places like Chek Jawa or MacRitchie Reservoir. Of course, you can look forward to the annual RSBS Camp, with many interesting bonding activities and learning journeys in store! Ultimately, RSBS is a club where you can feel right at home, learning about Biology with some like-minded friends. 



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Training Schedule

(4.30pm to 6.30pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mrs Selvamani Nair
Mrs Christina Khoo


Achievements & Highlights


International Biomedical Quiz
Challenge trophy
Field trip to MacRitchie Reservoir
Field trip to Gardens by the Bay
Field trip to Chek Jawa