Raffles Society of Biological Sciences


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Hey there, we are the Raffles Society of Biological Sciences (RSBS or BioSoc for short).

As a student-led CCA, we choose how the sessions are conducted. Every week, something new is planned for us. Field trips? Sure. Cool practical sessions? Of course! Even theory sessions are packed with engaging videos and fun games. 

Here at BioSoc, we cover a large variety of topics, based on the interest of our members. Are you interested in more niche topics like forensic science? We’ve got you covered. Here, you have the freedom to choose what and how you want to learn.

We also plan field trips and many other hands-on activities. Dissections, Nature Walks, Museum Trips, you name it, we have it. Through these exciting sessions, members get to explore the wonders of Biology first-hand.

Lastly, we conduct many exciting activities such as insect catching, our CCA camp and gardening where we plant beautiful plants around the school.



Achievements & Highlights


2023 Fieldtrip to NUS Pathology Museum
Promoted medical understanding and health awareness among members

2023 Fieldtrip to the Lee Kong Chian National History Museum
Members appreciated Southeast Asian biodiversity

2023 Fieldtrip to Seed Bank
Members understood the importance of seed conservation

2023 Frog Dissection

Members learnt more about frog anatomy


2022 Prawn Dissection
Members learnt more about prawn anatomy

2022 Insect Catching
Members learnt more about insects and observed them up close

2022 Gardening
Members planted plants along the Marymount Gate

2022 Fieldtrip to NUS Anatomy Museum
Members understood more about the human body