Raffles Street Dance



Raffles Street Dance is a CCA that welcomes all with a passion for dance, with or without prior dance experience, to join us. At RSD, we create a warm and safe environment for our dancers to improve on their dance skills, gain experience choreographing, as well as performing on stage.


Together with our instructor, Ms Steffi, we strive to enhance our basic street dance techniques throughout our RSD journey, such as bounces, footwork and freestyle. Our CCA aims to give everyone a shot at choreographing for our different performances, helping them to learn and grow as both a team member, and a team leader. 


Our CCA is more than just dancing. A tight-knit bunch, RSD prioritises our members’ welfare, and welcomes the idea of peer-motivation to keep each uplifted. We aim to do our best in all aspects of JC life – from dancing, studying, and even playing together.


Whether it is an ordinary day or during a school event, one will always be able to recognise an RSD member. Dancing together in RSD enhances our confidence to express ourselves, honing RSD members to realise their full potential in both dance and of themselves. 


Love dancing and want to find a family to share your love for dance? RSD is the place for you! What are you waiting for? Join us now!



Achievements & Highlights


RI 2023 Homecoming Performance

In collaboration with Peer Helpers’ Programme

RI 2023 Open House 

RSD Annual Showcase 2023: Once Upon A Dream

FD200 Founder’s Day Performance 


RI 2022 Orientation Performance 

RSD Showcase 2022: Better Together

爱上华文街舞比赛 Chinese Street Dance Competition 2022


Shortlisted for 2022 SYFgoesOnline! Showcase