Raffles Ultimate


2023 Ulti Y56

From the white discs proudly swinging from our bags, to our rowdy gatherings at the amphitheatre — if you haven’t seen us, you’ve definitely heard us. We are Raffles Ultimate, a CCA known for our passion on-field and our camaraderie off-field.

To some, Ultimate may not seem like a real sport, but simply a bunch of people chasing after a piece of round plastic. However, that’s simply not the case. It may be easy to underestimate the amount of commitment and effort that goes into this “developmental” sports CCA, but there’s more to us than meets the eye.

Ultimate as a sport is unique in that it is self-refereed and relies upon the Spirit of the Game, which is built upon the values of integrity, honour, and respect, where every player is responsible for upholding the rules of the game fairly and objectively. As our coach aptly puts it, “better person, better player”.

Besides our weekly trainings at the stadium and gryphon court, we are also known for our weekly 5km runs around school. It is during these runs that we can be seen cheering as we run past one another, while simultaneously getting in everyone else’s way. If you aren’t part of us, you may question our intense training sessions and strict punishments. But ultimately, we are a team that works hard and plays hard, suffers together and stays together. We are a family who stands by one another in any situation, where everyone puts in effort to reach for greater heights (and discs), continuing the legacy of past batches.




Achievements & Highlights


Inter-JC Ultimate Frisbee Championship

4th place


Day Camp

Fun, games, scrim!

Inter-JC Ultimate Frisbee Championship

4th place