Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Society


010822 RECAS Y56 2022



The Raffles Economics & Current Affairs Society (RECAS) is a small and close-knit community with a strong sense of camaraderie. Every week, selected members share about a topic they are interested in through presentations or interesting video clips. Members can also look forward to webinars with professionals, field trips (for example, to the URA, GIC and Parliament House) and even creating our very own club newsletter. Here at RECAS, we provide a safe learning environment for you to voice your views and ask questions without the fear of being disparaged. Being a student-directed CCA, we enjoy a rare degree of autonomy which allows our members to freely explore what they are interested in. Regardless of whether you have an interest in reading more about economics or world affairs, we’ve got you covered!



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Teacher Mentors

Ms Sanjeeda Haque Munmun
Mr Abdul Malek Bin Ahmad


Achievements & Highlights


Economics Enrichment Week (1 – 5 Aug 2022)

Newsletter, The Common Good

Interactive Lecture on “Thinking Critically about National Service in Singapore Cinema”



Project on Video Essays 

Expert Engagement to Guide Students on Video Essays 

Physical and online weekly CCA sessions

Dialogue session on Cryptocurrency on Zoom with external speaker