Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Society


2023 RECAS (Y6 Students)

RECAS aims to explore economics and current affairs beyond the school curriculum and engage members through conversations which produce nuanced perspectives and enriched worldviews. This is done through discussions, in-house debates, and expert dialogues.


It aims to forge its members into more confident speakers, who are able to articulate their views on a variety of topics clearly and confidently. CCA members are given plenty of space to voice their opinions both in speech and in writing, and RECAS also runs The Common Good, a school newsletter, in conjunction with the Economics Department. 


The only prerequisites to joining RECAS are interest in economics and current affairs, and a willingness to learn. Join us to be part of a community of people who always enjoy a fun conversation - you don’t even have to be an economics student!



Achievements & Highlights


Economics Enrichment Week

Weekly Online newsletter - The Common Good

Learning Journey to MAS Gallery

Interactive Writing Workshop – Process of constructing op-eds.


Economics Enrichment Week (1 – 5 Aug 2022)

Newsletter, The Common Good

Interactive Lecture on “Thinking Critically about National Service in Singapore Cinema”