Set Sail into Adventure: Join Our Sailing!

Discover the exhilarating world of sailing with our esteemed Sailing CCA. Embark on a thrilling journey where the wind guides you through uncharted waters, fostering teamwork, resilience, and a love for the sea.

In our CCA, you’ll get to sail the ILCA 6. Whether you may be completely new to the sport or a seasoned sailor looking to hone his skills for competitions, you can count on our reliable coach to show you the way!

Sailing is not just about mastering the sails; it's a transformative experience that builds character and resilience. As students take the helm, they develop self-confidence, learning to trust their judgment and make decisions independently. Facing the challenges of the open water, they discover inner strength and resourcefulness they never knew they had. 

So, let the wind carry you to new horizons – sign up for sailing and let the journey begin!



Achievements & Highlights


National School Games Sailing 2023 A Division Boys ILCA 6 (Team)

National School Games Sailing 2023 A Division Girls ILCA 6 (Team)


2022 Asian Sailing Championships
Elissaline Tan: 4th (ILCA 4 Girls)

2022 National School Games

Poh Yong Ler: 5th (A Division Boys (ILCA 6))
Dylan Fang Wei Jie: 7th (A Division Boys (ILCA 6))
Dylan Ng Yaoxuan: 10th (A Division Boys (ILCA 6))
Kyle Lim Khoon Leng: 11th (A Division Boys (ILCA 6))
Cheung Kai Jeng Keenan: 12th (A Division Boys (ILCA 6))
Marvin Tan Guo Hao: 14th (A Division Boys (ILCA 6))

Joelle Lio: 1st (A Division Girls (ILCA 6))
Faith Hailey Toh: 4th (A Division Girls (ILCA 6))
Elissaline Tan: 6th (A Division Girls (ILCA 6))
Faith Ning Koy: 7th (A Division Girls (ILCA 6))
Manikanda Durairaj Prathistta: 11th (A Division Girls (ILCA 6))

2022 Skiff Northeast Grand Prix Series 1
Dylan Fang Wei Jie: 2nd (49er Open Division)

2022 CSC ILCA Topper Monsoon Regatta
Elissaline Tan: 7th (ILCA 4 Open Division)
Kyle Lim Khoon Leng: 1st (ILCA 6 Open Division)
Cheung Kai Jeng Keenan: 8th (ILCA 6 Open Division)

2022 3rd CSC ILCA Open
Elissaline Tan: 11th (ILCA 4 Open Division)
Kyle Lim Khoon Leng: 2nd (ILCA 6 Open Division)
Cheung Kai Jeng Keenan: 5th (ILCA 6 Open Division) 

2022 18th SAFYC Regatta
Cheung Kai Jeng Keenan: 4th (ILCA 6 Open Division)
Manikanda Durairaj Prathistta: 17th (ILCA 6 Open Division)

2022 Singapore National Sailing Championships
Cheung Kai Jeng Keenan: 7th (ILCA 6 Open Division)
Dylan Fang Wei Jie: 10th (ILCA 6 Open Division)

2022 Youth Sailing World Championships
Faith Ning Koy: 22nd (29er Girls)