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In the realm of sports where physical strength and speed are often regarded as the most valued qualities of an athlete, Shooting is a sport that widely subverts said expectations through its delicate and precise nature. Requiring its athletes to be immensely focused and calm at all times, Shooting is a test of one’s mental strength, and ability to withstand pressure. The competition boasts a long-fought battle of 60 shots, where only the most consistent and determined shooters come out victorious as every movement and thought can affect the outcome of one’s shot. Hence, Shooting teaches its athletes the important values of patience, reflection and level-headedness, which are lessons that extend even beyond the sport. Though training can get rigorous, our shooters have forged strong bonds with one another, allowing us to encourage each other through tough times and help each other strive for improvement.


Achievements & Highlights


2023 National Inter-School A Division Shooting Championships 
Air Rifle Women: Gold
Air Rifle Men: Silver
Air Pistol Women: Bronze

2023 NUS Invitational Shoot
Air Rifle Women (School): Bronze
Air Rifle Men (School): Bronze
Air Pistol Women (School): Gold

2023 NTU Invitational Shoot 
Air Rifle Women (A Division): Gold 
Air Rifle Women (South Zonals): Gold and Silver
Air Rifle Men (A Division): Silver
Air Rifle Men (South Zonals): Gold 
Air Pistol Women (A Division): Silver
Air Pistol Women (South Zonals): Gold
Air Pistol Men (South Zonals): Bronze


NTU Invitational Shoot 2022
Girls’ Pistol: Gold
Boys’ Pistol: Silver

Girls’ Rifle: Bronze
Boys’ Rifle: Gold

2022 National Inter-School A Division Shooting Championships
Girls’ Pistol: Gold
Boys’ Pistol: Bronze

Girls’ Rifle: Silver
Boys’ Rifle: Gold