Have you ever felt like you are hitting walls in your life? Squash players would tell you they are doing that! Jokes aside, Squash is a high-intensity racket sport played between two players in a four-walled court. This sport prides itself on being physically and mentally challenging, where stamina, speed and agility are crucial aspects. Even though the squash ball might be miniscule and not very bouncy, it can reach incredible speeds of up to 280km/h!

Training sessions consists of physical trainings and court sessions, and are held twice or thrice a week during non-peak and peak seasons respectively. Each training session lasts about two to three hours. Don’t worry if you are completely new to the sport: our friendly Coach, as well as your fellow CCA-mates, will be there to guide you along the way!

Most think that the sport is individual, but here at Raffles Squash, we compete as one and celebrate as one. Raffles Squash is a family, a family where we will have one another’s backs both on- and off-court.



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Training Schedule

(5.00pm to 7.00pm) 

(8.00am to 11.00am)

(5.00pm to 7.00pm)


Teacher Mentors


Mr Venantius Chng

Ms Joanne Tan

Mr Daryl Tan


Achievements & Highlights


2022 National Inter-School A Division Boys’ Squash Championships

2022 National Inter-School A Division Girls’ Squash Championships



Prepared for the National School Games A Division Squash, but suspended due to COVID-19.
Held the Intra-CCA Squash Competition instead.