Raffles Mixtape: Year 5-6 Open House 2017

  • 16 Jan 2017
    YEAR 5 TO 6

  • all photographs by Raffles Photographers

    Different rhythms and facets of school life were on display at our campus on 13 January for Raffles Mixtape, our Year 5-6 Open House. Visitors explored the campus and learnt more about our ethos and school culture through the bubbly student Befrienders, who had earlier shared their stories on the Students’ Council’s social media channels.

    Visitors explored the CCA exhibition and tried their hands out at new sports. Performing Arts CCAs like Street Dance, Symphonic Band, Runway and Indian Dance regaled the audience in the Multi-Purpose Hall and Gryphon Square. Representatives from the five Houses and their mascots made an appearance for the House Processions and School Cheers.