Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the RI website! We recently redesigned it to enhance our visitors’ browsing experience, and we hope that you will find it user-friendly as you navigate it for information on our school and the programmes we offer.

Founded in 1823, RI is the oldest school in Singapore and the premier educational institution for bright, high-achieving students here. A one-school, two-campus (secondary school and junior college) educational institution, RI has forged an impressive reputation among the local Autonomous Universities as well as top overseas universities, especially in the US and UK. Many of our distinguished alumni have taken on key appointments in the public, private and people sectors, contributing significantly to Singapore and the world through their strong leadership.

RI and Society

As an educational institution for high-calibre students, we are cognisant of our responsibility in supporting our students’ growth in their core talents as well as character development. We are also deeply committed in ensuring that RI remains a premier educational institution that is also community-anchored and inclusive. We believe that bright and talented students, regardless of their backgrounds, must have equal opportunities to benefit from a high-quality Rafflesian education. Thus, we provide financial assistance for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, so that they may thrive and blossom as confident youths equipped with the skillsets to succeed in their areas of strength and passion.

In addition, we sincerely believe that our students are obligated to steward their talents for the greater good. Our students’ achievements are not due solely to personal effort, but are also a result of the steadfast support of their parents, teachers, the school and alumni. At RI, we regularly exhort our students to pay it forward with their talents for the betterment of the community.


Introducing D.I.C.E.

In catalysing our students’ character development, my colleagues and I are guided by the D.I.C.E. (Diversity-Inclusiveness-Community Engagement) approach in the school’s curricular and co-curricular programming. Diversity is our important starting point. RI’s student profile is diverse—we admit over 400 Year 1 students from around 100 primary schools every year. Given this diversity, our students have to be comfortable with their differences and learn to bond with each other. These skillsets are important as they help our students connect with the wider community and accomplish purposeful work.

In learning through the curriculum and co-curriculum, we aim for Rafflesians to foster inclusiveness in their interactions with others across all levels and beyond RI, so that everyone feels a sense of belonging and community. Building an inclusive RI that welcomes diversity and provides opportunities for our students to engage the larger community is paramount to the Raffles Programme. We earnestly hope that our students will continue to steward their talents for the greater good of society as Thinkers, Leaders and Pioneers, in any role that they may undertake after they have graduated. We thus look forward to the continued support of our stakeholders, particularly parents and alumni, in realising the DICE experience for Rafflesians in their educational journey with us.

Auspicium Melioris Aevi.

Frederick Yeo
Principal, Raffles Institution