RI Boarding

At RI Boarding, we build a real, tangible sense of community amidst world-class facilities and award-winning boarding services. Over the years, thousands of local and international students have made RI Boarding their home away from home, developing resilience, independence and social skills along the way.

Our boarding quarters consist of four four-storey blocks and a 13-storey block that can accommodate up to 620 students.

RI Boarding

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We provide Halal as well as vegetarian meal options.

Boarders can enjoy breakfast and dinner at the Shaw Foundation Dining Hall every day. Lunch will be served at the Hall on weekends and holidays.

  • Air-con equipped student rooms with en-suite bathrooms and toilet

  • Biometric timed-attendance system for enhanced security

  • Boarding office to provide administrative support

  • Computer, Reading and Games Room

  • Gym and Dance Studio

  • Laundry (DIY & Serviced)

  • Meals at Dining Hall

  • Minimart

  • 24-hour fire & security systems

  • Access to sports facilities around the RI campus

Prep Time is an essential study period scheduled after dinner on Sunday to Thursday evenings (except during holidays). Tutors and residential boarding staff ensure that students are studying in their rooms or at assigned venues.

The RBP is a capstone cohort-wide programme where all our Year 3 students undertake a 10-week residential experience in Term 1, 2 or 3.

Through a residential stint at RI Boarding with local and international students from RI and neighbouring schools, Rafflesians learn life skills essential for independence, inter-dependence and service to community. The RBP also provides opportunities for personal growth and leadership development through workshops, talks, and experiential activities.