Raffles Guidance Centre

The social and emotional wellbeing of our students is of utmost importance to us. Our passionate youth guidance counsellors provide them with support, and work in close partnership with staff, parents and guardians to ensure that every student is provided with the best care.

The RGC also runs the Peer Helpers elective for Year 5 students, in which they learn basic counselling skills in order to better help their friends.

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RGC Offices

Year 1-4   Yusof Ishak Block, on Level 1 near the Staff Lounge 

Year 5-6   Block H, on Level 1M next to the Higher Education Office

Year 1-6 Counsellors

Year 1-4 Counsellors

Mr Zullkarnain  Youth Guidance Counsellor
[email protected]

Mr Jeffrey Lee  Youth Guidance Counsellor

Year 5-6 Counsellors

Ms Chua Kah Hwee  Youth Guidance Counsellor
[email protected]

Ms Woo Mei Hui  Psychologist
[email protected]