Fees and Financial Aid

We are committed to helping you experience the full Rafflesian Education, regardless of your financial background.

Fees for Academic Year 2020

Year 1-4

Singaporeans  S$335 per month 
Permanent Residents  S$745 per month 
International Students (ASEAN)  S$1565 per month 
International Students (non-ASEAN)  S$2285 per month

Year 5-6

Singaporeans  S$335 per month 
Permanent Residents  S$790 per month 
International Students (ASEAN)  S$1610 per month 
International Students (non-ASEAN)  S$2330 per month


Payment Methods

  1. Annual payment in advance (via GIRO, or by Cash or Cheque)
  2. Monthly payment (via GIRO, or by Cash or Cheque)
    Download the GIRO form (PDF)

Financial Aid for Singaporeans

If you are a Singaporean considering RI but are concerned that costs may be an issue, rest assured that there are resources available that can assist you with:

  1. School Fees
  2. Supplementary Fees
  3. Enrichment Activities and Purchases
  4. Living Expenses

The amount of support you will receive will depend on your family’s gross household income or gross per capita income.

Drop us an email for more information.


MOE ISB (Independent School Bursary) Scheme

This Bursary is for Singaporean students studying in Independent Schools like RI.

More information about the eligibility and assessment criteria for the ISB is available on this MOE webpage.

Students may apply for the ISB at any time in the school year. The subsidy will take effect from the month the application is approved and will not be backdated.

RI students may apply for the ISB (Independent School Bursary) online at

If you have queries about the the ISB, please contact us at [email protected].



UPLIFT Scholarship

The UPLIFT Scholarship is awarded to students who are receiving a 100% subsidy via the ISB. This Scholarship consists of a cash award of $800 per annum to help offset the out-of-pocket expenses for students from lower income households.

Please refer to this MOE webpage for more information on the UPLIFT Scholarship.


The Raffles Scholarship

RI is committed to helping you experience the full Rafflesian Education. The Raffles Scholarship is awarded to RI students to ensure that students from various financial backgrounds are fully able to participate in the whole range of activities in school alongside their schoolmates. This scholarship is awarded in addition to the MOE ISB.

Students who are receiving the Independent School Bursary and whose family’s Monthly Gross Household Income and Per Capita Income do not exceed $6,900 (GHI) or $1,725 (PCI) respectively will be eligible for the scholarship. Eligible students will be invited to apply for the scholarship after their ISB applications are confirmed.

Students approved for the Raffles Scholarship will receive between $500 to $3,000 per academic year. This is inclusive of the UPLIFT Scholarship (if eligible).

For queries about the Raffles Scholarship, please contact us at [email protected]