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Principal & Deputy Principals

Mr Frederick Yeo  Principal
Mr Brian Lagman Ang  Deputy Principal/Corporate Development
Ms Melissa Lim  Deputy Principal/Organisational Development
Mr Desmond Tan   Deputy Principal/Academic Studies (Year 1-4)
Mr Edward Ng  Deputy Principal/Student Development (Year 1-4)
Mrs Reavley Munn Ye  Deputy Principal/Academic Studies (Year 5–6)
Ms Ng Mei Sze  Deputy Principal/Student Development (Year 5–6)

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Year 1-6

Mr Gary Ortega  Dean/CCA & PE
Ms Edlyn Ang  Dean/Career & Higher Education
Mr S Magendiran  Advisor/Special Projects & Alumni Relations
Dr Theresa Lai  Advisor/Educational Development
Ms Pamela Ooi  Director/Human Resource & Administration

Year 1-4

Ms Shaun Ng  Dean/Academic Studies
Mr June Meng  Dean/Student Development
Mr James Koh  Master Teacher

Year 5-6

Mr Ariff Chan  Dean/Academic Studies
Mr Michael Jeyaseelan  Dean/Student Development
Mr Leong Yew Wah  Master Teacher

Year 1-6

Ms Imelda Chang  HOD/Admissions & Alliances
Mrs Cheryl Yap  Head/Alumni Relations
Mr Chan Jia Le  HOD/Raffles Digital Badges

Year 1-4
Mr Joseph Wong  HOD/Character & Citizenship Education
Mr Chong Zhe Bin  HOD/Discipline & Leadership Development
Mr Clement Cheng  HOD/English Language & Literature
Mr Desmond Lim  HOD/Humanities
Mr Frank Fu  HOD/Mother Tongue Languages
Mrs Jasmine Koh  HOD/Knowledge Skills
Ms Lim Soo Leng  HOD/Mathematics
Mr Azmy Bin Rizman Ali  HOD/PE & CCA
Ms Kristie Chen  HOD/Professional Learning & Technology
Mr Tay Zhi Xiong  HOD/Science
Mr Tham Zi Sheng  HOD/Science 
Mr Low June Meng  HOD/Student Well-Being (Covering)
Mr Kelwyn Ng  HOD/Systems
Ms Sharon Seow  HOD/Talent Development

Year 5-6
Miss Rathiga Veerayan  HOD/Arts 
Ms Koh Khang Ling  HOD/Biology & Physics
Ms Joyce Tan  HOD/Scholarships & Higher Education
Ms Ma Jialin  HOD/Student Well-Being
Mr Alfred Chan  HOD/Chemistry
Mr Lee Chee Keong  HOD/Student Development
Mr Simon Quek  HOD/Economics
Mr Adrian Tan  HOD/Knowledge Skills
Mr Kwan Chong Sin  HOD/Mathematics
Ms Deborah Koh  HOD/PE & CCA
Ms Lee Lih Sin  HOD/Professional Learning & Technology
Ms Eva Hor  HOD/Student Well-Being
Mr Low Soo How  HOD/Systems
Ms Lye Su-Lin  HOD/Talent Development
Ms Tan Pei Yee  ADH/Mother Tongue Languages


Mr Joshua Teo  Year Head 1
Mr Lionel Long 
Year Head 2
Mr Alvin Chong 
Year Head 3
Ms Tan Chui Min 
Year Head 4

Ms Christina Tan, Mr Winston Cheong and Ms Evangeline Tan  Year Head 5 

Mrs Lydia Tan, Mr Carlsen Tay and Mr Jeremy Ng  Year Head 6