Year 1-4 Final Assembly

  • 07 Nov 2016
    YEAR 1 TO 4

  • all photographs by the Raffles Photography and Art Club

    We concluded the Year 1-4 school year on 4 November with the Final Assembly and Rafflesian Spotlight. Some Year 4 and Year 2 classes held a get-together in their classrooms for the last time, before arranging all desks and chairs and cleaning the rooms in preparation for 2017.

    During the Final Assembly, some outstanding members of the Year 4 cohort were presented Sports, Leadership and Service CCA awards, and Hullett was announced House Champion of 2016.

    In his closing speech and last address to the Year 1-4 school community for the year, Mr Chan advised the students to keep being curious, to keep asking, and to not be afraid to admit what they do not know. He also surprised the audience with his many pop culture references.

    The Assembly concluded with the thrilling final round of Rafflesian Spotlight, an annual talent competition organised by the RI Prefectorial Board. Daryl Teoh charmed the audience with his voice and strumming skills, eventually emerging as the winner of this year's competition.