Team Singapore's success at the 47th International Physics Olympiad

  • 01 Aug 2016
    YEAR 5 TO 6

  • Year 6 Rafflesians Lee Yuan, Feng Jiahai and Lee Yu Tse represented Singapore at the 47th International Physics Olympiad and received impressive results—Lee Yuan and Feng Jiahai were awarded the Gold medal, while Yu Tse received a Silver medal. Lee Yuan was also ranked Individual 10th. Meanwhile, their team mates Koh Jin Ming and Ng Jian Rong of NUS High also performed well, receiving a Silver medal each. Team Singapore was placed 7th in a field of 400 student participants from 84 countries.

    The IPhO was held from 10-17 July in Zurich, Switzerland, and was jointly hosted by Liechtenstein. The team had to pull through a gruelling theoretical round, followed by an exhausting experimental round, each lasting five hours long.